Web App: Remove a user from a system

Before you begin:

Role: Please ensure your user is set up with an “Installer” or “owner” role on the applicable water system. Another user with an “Owner” or “Installer” Role on the system can add you to the system if needed, using the following tutorial.

How to remove a user from a system (via the web app)

  1. Log in to the meter.me web app: web.meter.me
  2. Select the applicable water system
  3. Select Users
    a. If the user you need to remove is Registered, select Registered
    b. If the user you need to remove is Invited but has not yet logged in, select Invited
  4. In the list, find the applicable user and select the three dots to the right of it
  5. Then select Remove

That’s it. The user will be removed and will no longer be able to access this water system.