Log in with Magic Link

To use a magic link:

  1. Open the meter.me mobile app or go to web.meter.me
  2. On mobile, select the “login” button
  3. Type your email address in the email field and select “Next”.
  4. Click the “Send me a magic link” button (Ignore the password field and login button).
  5. Open your email on the same mobile device as you were just using the access the meter.me app and:
    1. Open the magic link email you will have received
    2. Click the link that reads “Sign into meter.me” in the magic link email
    3. If it’s your first time using magic link on a mobile device, the link will open in your browser and ask “Open link in app?” > select “Open”
    4. After that, the link will open the app automatically
  6. Done!
    • You should be viewing your meter.me system now.

If you have any issues doing so, check out our article: Magic link isn’t working?

If you are using an app version with multi-factor authentication (1.15.14 or later), you will be asked to provide a second-factor code. See our article Log in with Multi-factor Authentication for more information on this.