How to power on/off your Milesight mote using the NFC Toolbox app:

Disclaimer: The following instructions apply to the following Milesight models:

  • UC50X: Turning on & off
  • EM300: Turning on & off
  • UC511: Only needed to turn mote off. This mote can be powered on by plugging the data cable into the mote.
  1. To power on a Milesight mote, you must use the NFC Toolbox app

  1. After opening the NFC Toolbox app, select NFC Read, then scan your phone to the mote
  2. Toggle the Device Status to on and scan your phone to the mote to apply the change
  3. If you need to turn a mote off, follow the same steps, but toggle Device Status to off
  • If you receive an error prompting you to enter a password for the mote, please input the last 6 digits of the DevEUI and retry.

And that’s it! You have successfully powered on (or off) your Milesight mote.