Introducing the Milesight UC50X Series motes

As of April 2024, the Milesight UC50X series will be replacing the M2 series motes. The new models are:

  • UC501 with internal antenna (default mote); external antenna option also available
  • UC502 with internal antenna; external antenna option also available

What’s the difference between the UC501 & UC502?

Feature UC501 UC502
Power Source 2 x 2550mAh rechargeable batteries + solar panel 3 x 9000mAh replaceable Li-SOCI2 batteries
Solar Panel Yes No
Battery Type Rechargeable Replaceable Li-SOCI2
External Power 5-24VDC 5-24VDC
Antenna Options Internal or External Internal or External
Sampling Rate 2 minutes 5 minutes

Milesight UC501 & UC502 Feature Highlights:

  • Sensors connect via a weatherproof terminal box (instead of the modular plug used with the M2 series motes) Wiring Instructions
  • 2 analog inputs 4-20mA
  • 2 GPIO ports that are configured for use with pulse counting