Milesight UC50X installation instructions (tank/well/pond)

  1. Connect the wires from the UC50X data cable and the sensor using the provided terminal box
    How to wire the UC50X
  2. Connect the data cable to the UC50X mote
  3. Use the NFC Toolbox app to turn on the mote
    How to turn on mote w/ NFC Toolbox
  4. Wait at least 1 minute for the mote to power on and join the LoRa network
  5. Install the sensor to the correct position in the tank/well/pond. This will trigger a report on change and show the reading in the app within 2 minutes for the UC501, and 5 minutes for the UC502.
  • Mote should be mounted vertically. If mounting on a horizontal surface, please use a 45-degree angle bracket.

And that’s it! You have successfully installed a tank/well/pond using the UC50X mote!