Updated modular plug for M2

meter.me is updating the M2 mote to the new model M2-P. This new mote will use a new modular plug for connecting sensors. This new plug utilizes a 5-pin design (Fig. A), instead of the original 6-pin design (Fig. B).


The new modular plug is incompatible with the previous model M2 motes. If any previously-deployed mote requires replacement to an M2-P, the sensor will also need to be rewired to the new plug type.


See our modular plug assembly article for directions on wiring the modular plug.

Connecting to mote:

Connecting the plug to the mote requires lining up the pins. The plug is designed to fit one way because one pin has a teardrop shape (Fig. C). Please be sure to cover the solar panel of the M2 before plugging in the sensor.

  • Line up the pins from the plug to the mote.
  • Once the plug is seated correctly, screw the plastic nut clockwise until tight.