Default Tank Alerts

The app has pushed out default alerts to all users with a tank on their system. These alerts are set to certain minimum thresholds and contain 3 levels of priority:

  • Level 1: Tank alerts when below 60% and gives ‘Warning’
  • Level 2: Tank alerts when below 40% and gives ‘Alarm’
  • Level 3: Tank alerts when below 20% and gives ‘Critical’

These alerts are adjustable to the users liking and I am going to go through how to do so:

If you only wish to disable the alert you may select the green button next to the alert

If you would like to keep the alert but change the threshold of each alert (or remove a threshold)

  • Select the alert you wish to change
  • To remove a threshold, select the minus button next to the one you wish to remove

  • To change the threshold level of the alert, select into the threshold
  • Then select the threshold button to adjust the level percentage
  • You may also select a buffer percentage (utilize this if your water level remains around the threshold level as to avoid creating duplicate alerts with water movement)

  • When you are satisfied with your adjustments select ‘Save’ in the upper right of the alerts page and this will save your updated default alert preferences.