NEW App Release: Alerts, alerts, alerts

We are excited to share a major update to our app for ALL users. This version expands and enhances our alert settings to identify more water system issues and ensure you quickly receive this information. We have added a new feature that allows for monitoring of components other than tanks, wells, and meters, along with improvements to our existing features. Please update your app to version 1.11.8 as soon as possible to activate these new features.

So what’s NEW?

  • New notification options: Receive alerts faster with SMS and push options.
  • New customizable alert options: Create personalized alerts based on the following conditions:
    • Tank sudden drop alert: when your tank level drops quickly and unexpectedly
    • Well minimum level alert: when your well drops below a set level
  • System Status alerts: Get notified when the equipment goes offline or the battery level gets low.
  • New and improved alerts center: View all your alerts and events in one place.
  • Community forum: Access the community support forum right from the app!
  • Generic component monitoring: Monitor any component from ponds to fuel tanks and more, as long as they are supported by a 4-20 sensor.
  • Graph zoom: Zoom in on graph levels to increase the visibility of component-level changes, trends, and potential leaks.

Additional important information:

  • You will continue to receive existing alerts you have set for tank minimum and maximum levels. However, you will not be able to edit or create new alerts until you update to this latest version of the app.

Thank you and don’t forget to update your app!