Browan MiniHub Pro Gateway

The Browan MiniHub Pro Gateway is an affordable, indoor-rated meter.base option. Under typical conditions, it can provide an expected coverage radius of at least 100m (328 ft), considering the following factors in the placement of the gateway & mote(s)


  • Installing the gateway & mote in an elevated location can improve the signal range


  • Installing the gateway near a window can improve the range (as opposed to a concrete, brick, or stone wall, which can reduce the expected range)
  • Installing the mote outdoors with minimal obstructions between the gateway and the mote can improve communication with the gateway.
  • Multiple obstructions have a cumulative negative effect on the expected range, and metal has the greatest negative effect.


  • A clear line of sight between the gateway and the mote is ideal and can produce the greatest range opportunity, potentially far more than the mininum 100m/328ft
  • Hilly terrain (earth between the gateway and mote) could reduce coverage to below the expected 100m (328 ft) range.