Browan Minihub: how to connect to local WiFi

  1. Plug the MiniHub unit into a power outlet. The gateway LED will start blinking orange, indicating it is waiting for configuration
  2. Using your phone or laptop, connect to the gateway’s wifi network labeled “MiniHubPro-xxxxxx”
  3. Enter the WiFi password, which is labeled on the front of the unit
    • Please note the password is case-sensitive

  1. After connecting to the MiniHub WiFi network, a configuration window will appear.
    • If the web page doesn’t open automatically, please use Firefox or Chrome and manually enter IP:

Please do NOT select any of the configuration settings. These have been predefined to function with equipment. Tampering with the configuration will result in connectivity failure.

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the configuration page, where you will see Choose A Network. Select your local WiFi network and enter your network password.
    • After the gateway connects to your local network, you will be removed from the MiniHub WiFi network.
    • Confirm the gateway connection by checking the LED status on top of the MiniHub. A solid green light indicates a successful connection.

And that’s it! Your MiniHub gateway is now connected to your local network!

If you encounter any issues during this process, please contact for assistance.