When to install a meter.base

The meter.me team recommends including a meter.base with every installation.

In situations where connecting a meter.base is difficult due to limited availability of power and/or network on the property, an installer could choose to forego installing a meter.base if the following conditions are met:

  • The site includes only monitoring through meter.me (no controller motes for pumps/valves/etc.)
  • The monitoring mote(s) have acceptable signal to two or more nearby gateways.
    An acceptable signal is: an RSSI greater than -100 and an SNR greater than 0.

The installer may use a LoRaWAN signal tester when surveying / before installation to determine the signal level and the number of local gateways. Please refer to our signal tester instructions article for directions on using the signal tester.

If acceptable signal is not found, consider installing an LTE gateway.