LoRa WAN signal tester RAK10701-P instructions

RAK10701-P Field Tester Pro Physical Interface

The RAK10701-P Field Tester Pro for LoRaWAN has a Touchscreen LCD and one pushbutton at the side. There is also an external LoRA antenna port via RP-SMA connector and USB-C port for charging and configuration if connected to a PC.
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Figure 1: Parts of RAK10701-P


Figure 2: RAK10701-P power button

Field testing instructions:

  1. Attach the LoRa antenna you will be using for your installation to the signal tester before turning on the device.
  2. To turn on the device, press and hold the button for at least five seconds.
  3. Wait for the signal tester to join; the first attempt to join will fail, but the second attempt (roughly 1 minute later) should work.
  4. After it joins, set the data rate to DR3 for standard cases (if you KNOW you are in questionable signal territory, you can start with DR1)
  5. Wait 5 minutes (10 pings from the tester)
  6. The Field Tester has status indicators that show the current state of the device

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  1. Check the DR level by navigating back to the settings page:

a. If you are in DR0, you are too far from a meter.base and must install a local meter.base

  1. If you are in DR1 or higher, check your RSSI and SNR rates:

a. RSSI: the closer to 0, the better. Anything below -100 dBm (i.e. -101 dBm) is a poor signal and may not support a reliable meter.me connection.
b. SNR: positive numbers are better. Anything below 0dB (i.e. -1dB) is a poor signal and may not support a reliable meter.me connection.
c. If these signal metrics are not met, a local meter.base would be required.

  1. Once your signal test is complete, hold the power button down for five seconds to turn off the signal tester.

Data Plots
There are four different data plots on the field tester: number of gateways, RSSI, SNR, and approximate distance. These graphs are accessible by touching the respective icons assigned to the parameter.

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GPS Data

The main page shows the last GPS data captured by the device.