Web App: Edit a component

Before you get started


Component: refers to a physical part of a water system that is being monitored by the meter.me system (e.g., tank, well, water meter)

Mote: refers to a communication device that collects information from a monitored component and sends that information to the meter.me server.


Please ensure your user is set up with an “Installer” Role on the applicable water system. An “installer” role is required to add, edit, swap, or remove motes or components on a meter.me system. Another user with an “Owner” or “Installer” Role on the system can add you as an “Installer” Role if needed.

How to edit a component

  1. Log in to the meter.me web app: web.meter.me
  2. Select the applicable water system
  3. Under Devices, select Components
  4. To the right of the component you would like to edit, select the three dots
  5. Select Edit
  6. Make the desired changes and select Save

That’s it! The changes to your component have been saved.