Installing a well sensor to cable

Required Tools
  • Electrical tubing torch
  • Wire stripper and cutter
  • Electrical scissors
  • 12mm open end wrench

  • Bulk cable
  • Volltel Transducer
  • IP67 Solder Seal Wire Connectors AWG 26-24

Volltel Transducer Components
  • Sensor
  • 2 Rubber seals
  • 2 Metal washers

Sensor Installation - Step 1
  • Remove compression nut from transducer (1)
  • Stage components (2):
  • Install components over the cable in the following order (3):
    1. Nut
    2. Metal washer
    3. Rubber seal
    4. 2nd Metal washer
    5. 2nd Rubber seal

Sensor Installation - Step 2
  • Place solder seal connectors over the two sensor wires from the transducer. (1)
  • Insert two sensor wires from the bulk cable into the connectors. (2)
  • Apply heat to the connectors using a torch. (3)

Sensor Installation - Step 3
  • Carefully twist the cables together then push them fully down into the transducer. Ensure the wires aren’t bunched up above the threads as the rubber seal will need to make positive contact with the bottom of the opening.

  • Install the cable and components into the transducer. (1)
  • Securely tighten the compression nut onto the transducer using a 12mm wrench. (2)
  • Ensure there’s little to no gap between the compression nut and the transducer. (3)

Warning: If the compression nut isn’t properly tightened, water will enter the transducer and damage the device.

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