2024 Subscription pricing

2024 meter.me subscription pricing will take effect on January 1, 2024. The new pricing applies to:

  • New subscriptions
  • Existing subscriptions that are upgraded to a higher tier

The 2024 pricing introduces a combined billing feature that will benefit larger accounts with multiple properties that need separate systems for privacy or sharing purposes.

Accounts with 11 or more components may request combined billing for the total number of sensors across multiple systems. Installers should apply for combined billing at the time of system creation.

Sample cost savings:

Bob’s Vineyard service has three systems that are separate for privacy and sharing purposes:

System A (4 components): $384
System B (5 components): $720
System C (7 components): $720

Total annual fee: $1824

Combined billing would allow all sensors across all three systems to be billed in a single subscription:

Systems A, B, C (16 components): $1350

Total annual fee: $1350 (~36% savings!)

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